Pros And Cons Of Living in USA

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living In The United States Of America


Pros and Cons of living in USA is a must have information for aspiring immigrant. There are usually many typical experiences associated with living abroad. When we enter a foreign society, we unintentionally compare the surroundings with the familiar setting and consider its benefits and drawbacks. Developing an opinion about whether the environment is appropriate.

We will list top highlights of life in the United States by outlining the seven advantages and seven disadvantages of living there.

Pros And Cons Of Living In The USA

Pros Cons
Climate Residents Require A Vehicle
Politeness High Pricing for Homes
Top Notch Customer service Expensive Cost of Food Items
Clean Street Taxes Are Excluded on Price lists
Provision For Public Areas and Parks High – Priced Medication
Lot Of Career Opportunities Giving of Tips
Low Level Of Bureaucracy Rigid System of Measurements

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Benefits And Disadvantages of Living In The United States

Pros Of Living In The U.S

Favorable Climate

There are much more sunny days in the US than in other nations. The weather is often moderate, even in the northern states. Generally speaking, summer is clear, winter is not very long, and spring and autumn are warm and long. The air is more humid and pleasant the closer it is near the water. The condition of their skin, hair, and spirits improves for many foreign tourists to the United States.


For someone from the post-Soviet region, it is frequently rare to see grins on everyone’s faces. A necessary component of American communication culture is a smile and polite treatment. You will never be impolite or voice your own viewpoint. You are considered a person deserving of respect, nice, tasteful dialogue, and good spirits for people around you.


Customer service

The comfort of the customer is a major priority for almost all shops. The sales company offers a full guarantee of return for a period of two months to a year when you buy something or pay for services.

Clean Street

Many people witnessed picturesque American streets with tidy homes and lawns in the movies. And they really are; despite the bustle of the city, the streets appear tidy and well-kept.

Provision For Public Areas and Parks

You can always find recreational activities and pleasant walking areas in the US. There are parks, squares, and lovely natural sceneries in every town, even the smallest ones. Additionally, there are a ton of bars, entertainment complexes, shopping malls, and other gathering and socializing areas.

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Lot Of Career Opportunities

The United States is a great environment to start a business or advance your career. There are several professional groups in many different professions, the majority of the headquarters of the biggest firms, and public support for private enterprise. You may want to explore top internship sites in the USA

Low Level Of Bureaucracy

Bill payment, residency registration, communication connection, workflow, and the majority of banking transactions can all be completed online. without lines, protracted waits, and trips to the appropriate departments. Even getting a mortgage loan in the USA can span for less than a week

Cons of Living in the USA

Residents Require A Vehicle

The distances in the USA are so great that going without a car is frequently impossible. For instance, large retailers are almost usually far from residences, and public transportation can be more expensive and uncomfortable.

High Pricing for Homes

The price rises with the quality of the neighborhood. You will have to pay a rather large amount of tax each month in addition to the money needed to buy real estate and pay for utilities. As a result, maintaining their own homes is essentially same to maintaining a rental.

Expensive Cost of Food Items

Food served at work or in schools is a prime example of this. The fast food industry and the public’s preference for less healthy foods make it more widely available. Healthy eating is usually expensive

Taxes Are Excluded on Price lists

The sum shown in the pricing list does not reflect the complete cost of the item. Depending on the state, an additional 3 to 15% of the total cost can be added at the register. The cost of items is typically 8% higher than you anticipated.

High – Priced Medication

Albeit with medical insurance, which can cost between $200 and $2,000 per month, the costs for doctors’ services may be prohibitive or only partially covered. Dental services are frequently excluded from insurance coverage.

Giving of Tips

It’s normal to give tips to all service providers in the US. Typically, it is between 10% and 15% of the check’s value. If you don’t tip, you risk having your service openly condemned or degraded in the future.

Rigid System of Measurements

America uses the English system of measurements rather than the metric one. In other words, be ready to utilize inches, feet, yards, miles, and pounds instead of the standard units in everyday situations.

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