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Tips For Processing U.S Green Card


Green Card Lottery is available to eligible immigrants wishing to relocate to the USA. Do you want to live in the United States? This question is answered affirmatively by millions of people. If you are one of them, this information on the free Green Card lottery is for you. The most crucial information concerning the timing, guidelines for filling out, and checking the results is provided by Careerinfos.

Why Participate In A Green Card Lottery?

Millions of individuals from all around the world are drawn to the American ideal. They are ready to take off at any moment if offered the opportunity to enter the United States. Perhaps you are one of them.

For them, America represents a chance to achieve self-actualization, study at famous colleges, and work in leading organizations. Others place a premium on their standard of living. However, you will not feel the desired independence and satisfaction if you do not have legal status. Hence the need to participate in the green card lottery.

Immigration Routes To The United States Of America

Existing legal routes to America include:

  1. Marrying a US citizen;
  2. By reuniting with a family member
  3. Via a work visa;
  4. Having been granted refuge (assylum) in the United States;
  5. Win a diversification lottery.
  6. US Green Card

The US green card is an adventurous way to immigrate to the USA. It does not guarantee anything nor require any investments. The Green Card Lottery provides a fully free opportunity to immigrate to the United States.


What exactly is a green card?

A Green Card is nothing more than the potential of legal residence in the United States, a type of residence permit.

There is a widespread misperception that receiving a green card instantly entitles a person to plane tickets to America. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Winning a green card does not entail any kind of aid, help, or subsidies.

Benefits of the US Green Card

A Green Card provides legal immigrants with numerous possibilities and rights, including:

  1. It allows you to apply for official jobs, except in government entities where citizenship is essential.
  2. To enter the United States, you do not require a visa. It is sufficient to show the Green card.
  3. The Green Card is important for those who desire to study in the United States. You can enter specific educational institutions at a discounted rate if you have a green card. Acting as a foreign student is more difficult and costly.
  4. After ten years of service, you are eligible for a pension.
  5. Following that, you may be granted citizenship.

How To Get A Green Card

They publish the start date of the new application submission on the official lottery website. It happens in the autumn. Usually around early October. The filing period is one month. Those who want to enter the lottery must fill out a questionnaire within a month and save the number allocated after it is sent.

Useful Tips For Applying For Green Card Lottery

  1. Nobody can guarantee anything.
  2. It is not essential to pay money to intermediaries.
  3. The US government manages the lottery.
  4. It is completely free to participate.

How To Apply

To apply for the U.S Green Card Lottery, simply fill out a short form on the website The questions are straightforward. You must provide the most fundamental facts about yourself.

Filling Out The U.S Green Card Lottery

Careerinfos has compiled crucial suggestions to assist you fill out the questionnaire correctly and promptly in order to avoid disqualification.

  1. The application form must be completed entirely in English.
  2. Fill out the form with the needed information. Under the question items, there is a drop-down selection from which you should select the one that best fits your case.
  3. You must insert your own names manually: cities, streets, and surnames.
  4. All questions should be answered truthfully, clearly, and without extraneous details.
  5. Indicate the spouse or spouse and children under the age of 21 in the questionnaire. If they win, they will be eligible for a Green Card as well.
  6. Applicants can only submit a form once. If a person decides to boost their odds by sending several questionnaires, the draw system will cancel all of them and automatically disqualify the offender.
  7. If you win, you will be required to present documentation proving your birth nation, passport data, education, and family status.

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Uploading Photo For Green Card Lottery Application

  1. A photo must be attached to the questionnaire.
  2. The photo specifications are fairly stringent. It should be new. You are not permitted to send a photo from your previous participation.
  3. The proportions of the face are well defined, as is the absence of a headpiece on a totally white background.
  4. Even youngsters as young as one year old must take this photograph.
  5. To avoid being rejected due to an incorrect photo, spend a little fee on specialists and obtain a photo that fits all of the standards.

Lottery Results and Green Card Winning

It is necessary to wait once the questionnaire has been sent and the number has been saved. A lottery will be held in early May. To find out the result of the draw, go to the official website, at the dedicated window, input your information as well as the questionnaire number that you received in the fall.

If you win, you must gather documentation, go through a medical commission, pay $330 in consular fees for each person, and attend an interview at the embassy. If your interview goes well, you will be granted the legal authority to move to the United States. You may want to get useful tips and tricks for tourist in the U.S

Does Participation In U.S Lottery Draw Affect Non-Immigrant Tourist Visa?

No, participation in the lottery has no bearing on the issuance of a non-immigrant tourist visa.

Do you want to apply for a green card but don’t know how to fill out a questionnaire? Please complete the form below!

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