Tips And Tricks For Tourists In USA

Life Hacks For Tourists And Foreigners In America


Tips and tricks for tourists in USA is a must read, especially if you are a first-time visitor. Careerinfos has produced a summary of the topmost tips and tricks for tourists, to guide immigrants and tourist enjoy their stay in the United States of America, especially if you just won a green card lottery.

Top Tips For Tourists In The USA

1. Budgetary Tips

You should bring 20-40% more of your budget when traveling to America. At the very least, the extra budgetary amount will take care of the following expenditures.

Tipping – Always leave 5-18% in taxis, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and other establishments where you receive any type of service.

Purchase taxes – the amount of tax is not stated on the price tags because each state has its own rates. The total payable at the checkout will always be higher than you anticipated.

Use of cash at gas stations and mobile outlets: Although cashless payments are accepted practically everywhere, it is preferable to use cash at gas stations and mobile phone outlets. When paying at gas stations, the card can be charged somewhat more than the check. Furthermore, mobile carriers can withdraw monthly service charges from a selected card automatically every month, even if you leave the United States.


2. Notarize Your ID Card and Credentials

Make a certified copy of your passport in beforehand. It is preferable to keep the passport in a safe place without having to take it out – losing it can cause major complications. It is best to bring notarized copies of your credentials with you as this is standard procedure, and there is no need to be concerned. This is one of the pros of living in America, given that you do not need to walk around with your valid ID.

3. Security Tips For Tourists

Carry $15-50 in cash with you – if you are attacked, you can give this money away and they will most likely leave you behind. Do not fight back; many crooks have guns. It is preferable to simply ditch your valuables and then contact the police later.

If you’re inebriated, don’t go out by yourself. Something will be stolen from you 70% of the time.

Check the map as little as possible in congested areas.  If you need to check a map, go to a cafe or “cling” to the walls of buildings where video surveillance is installed.

If you are staying in a low-cost motel or hotel, you should keep your valuables in a safe. Thefts are almost seldom committed at huge chain hotels.

4. Health Tips & Tricks For Tourists

To begin, don’t be too lazy to get a thorough medical examination in your home country. Any medical operation performed at home will be several times less expensive than in the United States. For example, an ambulance call can cost between $500 and $1,000, not including the cost of treatment.

Second, obtain health insurance. Coverage for a short tourist trip is at least $50,000, and coverage for a lengthy vacation is at least $100,000.

5. Tips on Communication with the Americans

If you are a man, it is preferable for women not to wave, wink, snuggle close to you, and generally interact neutrally. Harassment allegations are nevertheless a source of delight in the USA.

It is also important to avoid making jokes about countries and sexual orientations. The more you demonstrate friendliness, the more it is returned.

6. Electricity Utilization Tips

In the United States, the network voltage is only 110 volts, and the sockets are all extremely different. They cannot be used with European plugs. We recommend that you buy and bring a special adaptor with you.

7. Useful Tips On Accommodation For Tourists

For tourists not wishing to buy a house in the USA, boking “on the rack” sometimes raises the cost of the accommodation. Especially if it is a day off — plus a few dollars from above. As a result, even if you are already in the United States and intend to depart within the next hour, it is preferable to make a reservation over the Internet.

In addition, certain hotel chains (such as Hilton) include in the program everyone who registers on their website and books a stay. If you plan to travel around the country and only stay at these hotels, you will save money by taking advantage of the “club” discount.

8. Tips On Using U.S Measurement Systems

The British system of measurement is employed in America, which frequently leads to misunderstandings with tourists. But everything is simple here: utilize a converter and wander around it.

9. Street Navigation Tips For Tourists

It is usually preferable to utilize a navigator with a compass to navigate around the world accurately. Streets frequently have supplementary west or east marks, which Americans frequently use – they lead you south or west from some place. Even the metro has signage indicating the north and south directions to the streets for uptown and downtown.

10. Transportation Tips And Tricks For Tourists

If you are planning a vacation outside of major cities, make sure you rent a vehicle instead of buying a car in the U.S. Distances in America are enormous; even going to the supermarket can take tens of kilometers.

In cities, it is best to get subway tickets for a week in advance; from state to state, you can take Megabus, regular buses or low-cost flights.

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