How To Prove Intentions Of Returning To Your Home Country

Guidelines On Proving Your Intentions Of Returning To Your Home Country After Studying In The United States


Knowing how to prove intentions of returning to your home country, is vital for all aspiring international students. The fact that the United States is a well-liked study location for international students due to its openness to foreigners, welcoming foreign students to its colleges, universities, and other schools as well as its multicultural society, is no longer a surprise.

Why do I need to prove my intentions of returning?

Unless otherwise specified, the United States government makes every effort to ensure that international students return to their home countries after completing their studies.

This is why you must demonstrate that you intend to return home after completing your studies in the U.S.; in other words, you must do so before you are allowed to apply for an F-1 or M-1 student visa.

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How To Prove Intentions Of Returning To Your Home Country

When applying for a student visa to the United States, you may be wondering how to demonstrate that you intend to return home. Below are recommended key points to use in showing your intents of returning to your home country after studies in the USA.


Convincing Evidence To Show That You Must Depart The United States On Time

One of the questions you will undoubtedly face is “Do you intend to return home after completing your studies in the United States? If so, explain why, and provide evidence to support your claim.”

The U.S government has the mindset that everyone is trying to find a way to stay in the U.S for as long as they can, so you must persuade them by providing factual information about your home, family, employment status, accomplishments, future plans after school, and so on because this information will likely be the best sources of proof that you intend to return home.

Documents That Prove You Will Return To Your Home Country

The documents you might need to collect to support your visa application and show that you want to return home after finishing your studies are given below.

  1. A copy of your home address or rental agreement, which serves as proof that you have a stable place to reside.
  2. A list of all the family members living in your native country, along with information demonstrating that they are all securely rooted in the country, must be included in a parent’s sworn affidavit
  3. Provide marriage and birth certificates that shows evidence that you left behind your spouse and children in your country of origin
  4. Documentation of an existing business like a business license or employment that you will return to by getting a letter from your employer alongside copies of recent pay slips.
  5. Copies of bank statements which is proof that you maintain accounts in your home country.
  6. Documentation showing your career potential in your home country, especially if it is in high demand.
  7. Attach copies of your receipts and correspondence, together with any financial guarantees you may have provided to financiers of government scholarships.
  8. Proof of a prepaid, round-trip plane ticket to and from the United States (this is not usually compulsory).

Sample Copy Of Proof Of An Intent Letter To Return

An example of proof of an Intent letter to return to home country after studies.

50, Pretoria Way,
Joburg Estate,
South Africa.

U.S. Consulate General Cape Town
2 Reddam Ave
Westlake 7945

To Whom It May Concern,

Proof Of Intent Letter To Go Back To My Home Country After My Studies

I am writing to express my desire to complete my master’s degree program in Data Analytics at the University of California before moving back to South Africa, where I was born and raised.

In addition, I want to advance my data analyst career at my current job before starting my own analytics data company to land subcontracts.

I would dearly love to continue to be a part of the expansion of the IT sector, especially with the skills and certification I would be getting while studying at the University of California. Over the past several years, the IT industry has seen a remarkable increase and I would love to contribute my own quota.

My company has expanded its scope of operations into a more sophisticated IT industry, and I have already made preparations with the close associates I would be collaborating and working closely with. I am confident that with my expertise and drive, I will contribute positively to this course upon my return.

Yours Sincerely,
Precious Akan.

Conclusion – Showing Intentions Of Leaving The U.S After Studies

Finally, you should always be aware that the consulates at the embassy frequently believe that people are looking for ways to remain in the United States; as a result, you will need to provide irrefutable evidence that you intend to leave the nation.

We want to emphasize that the aforementioned list should not serve as your only options. Include any unique justification you might have for wanting to go back home, such as the fact that you are the lone heir to a family business in your country.

With the help of this article, we hope you will be conscious of what is required of you, including the paperwork you must provide to support your claim.

FAQs On How To Prove Intentions Of Returning From The U.S

How do you prove intent to depart the United States of America?

Generally, e visa applicants satisfy the intent to depart requirement by presenting a simple declaration that the applicant will depart the U.S. when the E visa expires.

Do foreign students have to return home after studying in USA?

The U.S government insists that unless otherwise stated, foreign students have to return to their various home countries once they are done studying.

Should I write a letter of intent to return to study abroad?

Yes. You have to show proof you have strong ties to your home country and intend to return after studies. (see sample of letter of intent to return above).

Can you leave and reenter the US on a student visa?

Automatic visa revalidation allows most F-1 students to take a trip of less than 30 days to countries contiguous to the United States and reenter on an expired visa provided you have proper documentation and have not applied for a new visa during the visit. You might want to get tips on acing U.S F1 Visa Interview.

What are considered strong ties to my home country?

“Ties” to your home country are the things that connect you to your hometown, homeland, or current place of residence: job, family, owning a house or apartment, financial prospects that you own or will inherit, investments, etc.

What do I need to reenter the US as an international student?

The following are required to reenter the U.S as an international student;

  1. Passport (valid at least 6 months into the future)
  2. Valid Visa (with multiple entry stamp)
  3. I-20 form with valid travel signature.

What counts as proof of relationship?

Proof of relationship is required, such as a birth certificate or marriage certificate.

How long can international student stay in the US after graduation?

60 days. International students are allowed to stay 60 days after graduation or after the program end date to wrap up their affairs, do some tourism, whatever.

What happens if you lie to USCIS?

Lying to an immigration officer can have extreme consequences including permanent inadmissibility, deportability, and not being allowed to apply for U.S. citizenship.

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